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How I make the coffee tree cherry jam and syrup

Coffee Jam Process

The pulp is made into jam or sauce in a process which takes 2 to 3 days of cooking, reducing, recooking, etc. The pulp then has all the fluid extracted under pressure. The fluid is measured 3:1 with sugar and cooked to produce either syrup or jam with further cooking.

Other ingredients are added as and when required till the required consistency is achieved. Coffee bitters, aromatic bitters (both homemade), herbs (home grown) and spices are added to the final mix, then cooked slowly some more.

Finally alcohol is added to adjust consistency. The final product is truly a world class gourmet product that has yet to hit the international market. I am the only one who has succeeded in this respect.

If anyone else has successfully made jam from the coffee tree cherry, then they are keeping very quiet about it … bon appetite.