Postage and handling is additional to all prices of all products unless otherwise stated.

Australia Post:

500gm satchel = $8;  3kg satchel = $13.05 ; 5kg satchel = $16.65; 1 kg box = $13.10; 3kg box = $15.40

All these include tracking.

All my products are made with above food standard OHS conditions and equipment, that have been signed off by a qualified food health and safety officer.

All Jams/Marmalades contain in part, water, sugar, lemon juice, spices, aromatic bitters, pectin when required, Alcohol.

Home grown ingredients used when in season include: oranges navel & valencia, lemonade, lemon, strawberries, gooseberries, tomatoes, mandarins, guava.

Herbs/Spices: Lemongrass; Chocolate mint; Basil; Peppermint; Oregano; Chives; Ginseng; Ginger; Rosemary, Sage. All home grown organically.

Alcohols, depending on the recipe are selected from: Cherry Stone Liqueur, Cognac, Port, Vodka, French Liqueurs, Bourbon, Whisky.

Aromatic Bitters: Apple, Aromatic, Bacon-pecan, Cranberry-hazelnut, Coffee-pecan, Grapefruit, Husk-cherry, Lemon, Lime, Rhubarb, Orange, Pear, Vanilla.

Some examples

Orange Bitters ingredients: Dried orange zest & peel, Cardamom pods, Cloves, Coriander seed,, Gentian root, Pimento, Rich sugar syrup, Water, Vodka.

Beetroot Pickle ingredients: fresh beetroot, mustard (dry & seed), cider vinegar, sugar, water, spices, bitters, port.

Tomato Sauce ingredients: tomatoes, apples, malt vinegar, water, onions, salt, garlic, spices, bitters, cayenne pepper, vodka.

Grapefruit Marmalade ingredients: grapefruit, dried granulated ginger (home produced), caster sugar, pectin, spices, bitters, Grand Marnier.

Water used is filtered to lab quality standard.

No artificial colorings, preservatives or flavors are used. Ascorbic acid (Vit. C) may used in some recipes. Store in a cool place away from heat. Best to refrigerate after opening.